What We Do

Empowering patients to make the changes that support a healthier way of living.

Are you frustrated with your health? Tired of feeling fatigued? Sick of making appointment after appointment without any significant strides forward?

Restore Balance takes a holistic and organic approach to your health. From preconception counseling to seniors, we provide all patients with a new approach to health and wellness. By taking a closer look at your past medical history, genetics, lifestyle, environment, and several other health factors we can identify the root cause of your illness and personalize a plan of action so you can live the life you want.

A patient-centered approach to healing.

At Restore Balance, we pull from multiple systems of medicine, using a functional medicine approach to get to the root of your disease. Dr. Berez has brought healing to thousands of patients using her unique diagnostic process to delve deep to find the right answers and restore natural balance.


Your first step towards total health.

We always begin our quest by getting to know you. We take the time to understand your health history, family health history, eating habits, sleep habits, and so much more to uncover the root of your present health challenges.

Organizing & Ordering

A unique diagnostic process

When the gathering of information is complete, ordering of testing begins. We combine traditional lab testing with specialized functional medicine testing in your personal genomics to form

your completely unique map

to wellness.

Go to It

Your map to complete health and wellness.

So what do we do with the information we gather? We tell your story right back - giving you every opportunity to chart your own course to complete health and wellness. We help you set attainable health goals and provide you with choices that empower you to celebrate the small successes and ultimately lead to permanent change.

Your wellness is our priority.

Discover how our holistic approach incorporates mind, body, and soul to help you reach optimal health.

Let the doctor come to you.

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